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May 21, 2023
09:12 AM (EST)

Tik-Tok Ban

Lots of discussion going on lately about the popular social media app Tik-Tok. Many lawmakers and go0vernment officials see a security problem and concern with the popular app causing lots of debate whether or not the app should be banned. What do you think?

Tik Tok Poll

Anthony Kron
Owner at LiquidComputerz

Social media apps come and go; I wouldn’t get too attached to any app.

Anthony Kron
Owner at LiquidComputerz

We have no input or opinion on whether or not Tik-Tok should be banned in the United States.

April 29, 2023
10:12 AM (EST)

April 29, 2023
10:10 PM (EST)

Dont Fall For The Geek Squad- Best Buy Scam!

It would appear the Geek Squad Best Buy scam that’s been going around for quite some time has only gotten bigger. Everyday we are faced with more and more complaints from customers informing us they were scammed after being offered a refund, our team has investigated these offers and this scam in depth, we have to admit, it can be very convicting but theirs always key factors (located below) to look for in scam emails.

Tips To Avoid Scam Emails:

– DO NOT follow instructions from a stranger that is not with you in person.
– ALWAYS check the email address sending the email and verify if before opening or interacting with the email.

Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

  • Running daily, weekly, or monthly virus scans.
  • Run Disk Defragmenter at least once a month.
  • Run Disk CleanUp or similar program once a week.
  • Remove unused and unwanted programs and software.
  • Know your computers hardware limitations and don’t push it.
  • Update your computer.

LiquidComputerz LLC is not responsible for any lost , damaged, or corrupted data as a result of our recommendations.

Anthony Kron
Owner at LiquidComputerz

Everyday we are seeing more of our customers being scammed by this exact scam and we try our best to keep our customer duly informed. In the past year, we had over 5 customers targeted with this exact scam; This matter is becoming more concerning considering the amount of money these scammers were able to take.

Contact Us Now To Protect Your Devices

Anthony Kron
Owner at LiquidComputerz

We understand the need for a fast computer as a slow one will hinder your daily activities. We keep our clients computers updated, clean, and running as efficiently as the hardware will allow.

Contact Us Now To Keep Your Device Running Smoothly.

April 26, 2023
12:12 PM (EST)

April 26, 2023
12:34 PM (EST)


Going traveling? Thinking of using the airport charging ports? Its pretty convenient being able to plug in our devices just about anywhere now but there’s and increasing risk associated with plugging it in, hackers. Hackers are utilizing free charging stations to steal your personal information and data. Its hard to imagine that an outlet or USB port in a public place could be vulnerable, especially an airport, but its an ideal place for hackers as most people aren’t concerned with what their plugging their device into and that’s the big issue.

tips to Keep your data safe by:

– Dont access public Wi-Fi networks or free Wi-Fis.
– Dont charge your devices in public places

Google Rolls Out New Security Features

Google has rolled out some banging new features into Chrome. Features such as Context-aware AI and URL filtering for companies will be utilized on a daily basis by many organizations and individuals going forward. The context AI feature allows for users to specify the device and security for accessing sensitive data. Machine not up to date? No access. The URL filtering has been around for some time but it seems Google has rolled it out into its platform so network administrators can restrict or warn users before accessing restricted sites.

Anthony Kron
Owner at LiquidComputerz

Its pretty convenient being able to plug in our devices just about anywhere nowadays but I on a daily basis am concerned with what I’m plugging my device into, who has access to it, and how long they will have access to it and my information.

Our phones and devices have now become an extension of ourselves containing vulnerable data. As convenience increase, device security and security itself will only be harder to manage.

Contact Us Now To Protect Your Devices

Anthony Kron
Owner at LiquidComputerz

Google Chrome is a fan favorite of mine when it comes to web browsing. I think its a stellar browser and its ease of use its top of the line. I’m glad to see them adding more features as its hard to improve on something so great as is.