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This General Policy outlines further terms of service, terms and conditions, data consent, waiver of liabilities and liabilities, as well as the normal and standard operating procedure for LiquidComputerz LLC.

Parties: LiquidComputerz LLC aka/dba LiquidComputerz and all its customers and/or website visitors now and in the past, present, and future.

Data Consent

Any information submitted through the website or given to a team member is subject to marketing, mailing, notifications, and storage. This includes but is not limited to: Email addresses, Phone Numbers, Residential Addresses, Customer Information, and any information given in any manner or form.

Liabilities and Responsible Parties

LiquidComputerz LLC is not responsible for any damages, fires, broken property, bodley harm, expenses or damage to person or property, and any and all incidents that occur or may arise now or in the future from any and all of the work performed in the past, present, and future by any and all of the companies affiliates, employees, personnel, and affiliated members or companies. LiquidComputerz LLC waivers any and all liabilities for any issues or problems that may arise regardless of party fault.

Payments and Responsible Parties

It is understood by the customer that any payments made to any registered affiliate, party, member, employee, and owner fall under the realm of LiquidComputerz LLC regardless of who the payment is made out to or given too, this includes but is not limited too all payments made in cash, checks made out to cash, money orders, cashiers checks, checks made out to employees or owner, checks made out to Anthony Kron, and any and all checks made out to LiquidComputerz.

Customers Responsibility

Customers are responsible for checking the work and ensuring the job is done properly and to their standards before payment should be given. It is the due responsibility of the customer to ensure products, services, and any and all work performed is safe, reliable, and meets the proper standards.

No Minors Allowed

LiquidComputerz.com does not allow minors under the age of 18 to access the site, though, not directly prevented, we do not intend or work with minors under the age of 18. Website visitors and service calls must be approved by a legal United States adult (In regards to U.S. Standards).

Credit Card Fees

Payment through credit cards are subject to a 3-12% additional fee onto of the service bill and/or invoice depending on the method used to collect payment.

Missed Service Calls

It is the customers responsibility to inform LiquidComputerz LLC if they will be unable to attend their service call appointment or need to reschedule for another time. The customer has up until 1 hour prior to the appointment time to cancel or modify the appointment. The fee for a missed service call is $45. Customers can call our help support line (561-866-3035) at any time to cancel or modify their service call appointment.


We do not accept returns for any products or services.